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Full Count Fundamentals runs baseballs programs, lessons and camps.  FCF is run by San Marcos High School baseball coach, Jacob Pepper.  Click on links below for current program offerings


FCF Summer Camps at San Marcos High School 2018

FCF Baseball summer camps offer a unique experience for players to learn the fundamentals, play games, build confidence and spend time with their friends. Our camps are structured to provide a great learning environment along with having fun! Regardless of experience, we take pride helping each player gain confidence while becoming an improved player. All participants receive an FCF Baseball Summer Camp Shirt.  Each player to bring a snack and lunch.  Located at San Marcos High School.


Ages 6-12          9:00a – 1:30p (drop off at 8:45a)

$219 per player


Choose from 2 sessions:

July 2nd -6th (including 4th of July)                 

July 30th- August 3rd


Sample Daily Camp Itinerary


-Intro/ Analysis of Swing and Throw

-Fundamentals Discussion and Station Rotation - Hitting/Throwing/Running/Fielding

-Introduction to skill development- Learning technique and practice drills

-Arm Health Care- Learn and apply exercises and strengthen throwing arm

-Small Group Drill Rotation- Drill sets for each fundamental

-Base Running- Sprint Technique, rounding technique, using base coaches, sliding, lead offs



-Introduction to Dynamic Warm Ups- Learn movements to help the body properly prepare for game play

-Hitting Workshop- Hitting skill development and drill sets

-Hitting Competition Games- Apply technique and confidence in competitive environment

-Live Hitting/ Cage Hitting- Target practice, short toss, live field play



-Throwing Workshop- Learn throwing technique and practice drill set

-Outfield Throwing, Infield Throwing, Pitcher and Catchers Throwing

-Distance and Accuracy Competition- Apply technique and confidence

-Throwing Drill Sets- Quick Toss, Hammer Throws, Flicks and Long Toss



-Fielding Workshop- Technique and practice drill sets

-Outfield, Infield, Catchers applied fielding

-Station Rotation- Fielding drills and games

-Fielding competition- Apply technique and confidence



-Concluding Analysis of Swing and Throw, General Fundamentals

-Fundamentals Review- Revisit drills and technique for all fundamentals-


All skills Rotations- Review skills in small groups




Individual Instruction

Incredibly effective for all players at any age, individual training provides the best support for hitting, pitching or catching.  These one on one sessions are proven to help student athletes achieve their goals in becoming a better player.  Whether it's correcting bad habits, learning new fundamental skills or striving for elite performance, Full Count Fundamentals will help you get there.   All sessions held at San Marcos High School.  Choose from 30 min. or 60 min. sessions.


Ideal for Hitting, Pitching, Catchers, General Fundamental Skills


30 min. Sessions- $37 each or book 10 sessions for $325

60 min. Sessions- $74 each or book  5 sessions for $325


Book a session


For more information visit: www.FCFBaseball.com




Have questions or need more information?

(805) 453-2027