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All Stars

(Note: All Star Interest and Commitment Form Due by 4/28/23)

All Star Season is an exciting time for little league players. Being selected as a Little League All-Star is a great honor. It means your child is one of the best players in their age division.  In order to be considered for All Star selection you must fill out this interest and commitment form.  Your child will not be considered for selection without filling out the formOnce managers are alerted of your player’s availability and interest in being considered for All Stars, they will be able to start evaluating your player, so the sooner you fill out the form, the better.   

It is the policy of GVSLL, that in order to be eligible for All Stars, players must commit to the GVSLL All Star Team, both in terms of the time, and prioritizing the GVSLL All Star team first over other sports and activities. Nominees must be available for a significant, if not the entire amount of time required for All Star practices and games.  Families often plan summer vacations and activities around the All Star season.  Families must also understand and commit to the financial responsibility of All Stars.    


Players league age 7U through 14U.  To identify your player’s league age, visit the League Age Chart

Potential teams will be:

  • 7U – league age 7 players
  • 8U – league age 8 players
  • 9U – league age 9 players
  • 10U – league age 10 players (Note: on the calendar, 10U is referred to as 8-11-Year-Old)
  • 11U – league age 11 players (Note: on the calendar, 11U is referred to as 9-11-Year-Old)
  • Majors – league age 12 players
  • Juniors – league age 13 and league age 14 players

NOTE: Players will play in their league age.  Any exception to this must be approved by the GVSLL Board

Time Commitment:

Players are expected to be at all practices and games.  All Star teams cannot be announced until May 15th, but practices may begin any time after that.  Full Tournament dates by age group can be viewed here, with all 9U and younger tournaments concluding before 6/16/23.   A team will play and progress until they are eliminated from the tournament. 7U through 9U tournaments should conclude before 10U and above tournaments begin.  Roughly (and dependent on success of the team), 7U through 9U All Stars should be available from May 15th through mid-June, 10U and 11U All Stars should be available from May 15th through mid-July, and 12U and Junior All Stars should be available from May 15th through the end of July. 

One of the biggest benefits of All Star participation is the practice time.  Practices may be held daily (including Sundays) at the All-Star Manager’s discretion. Once the school year is over, practices may be held at any time during the day, at the Manager’s discretion. On occasion, a team may also practice two (2) times per day. Practices are mandatory, unless otherwise discussed with the Manager prior to the practice.

Financial Commitment:

All Star participation does come with a cost.  New uniforms are ordered and registration fees are required.  Additional expenses are team dependent and may include travel costs (gas and/or hotel accommodations), swag, etc.  All Star participation almost always falls into the realm of $150-$500 for the season. 

Playing Time:

The All Star season is subject to different playing time rules than the regular season.  Your player may play less and may not play in the positions he/she has been accustomed to during the regular season.  The focus shifts to putting forth the most competitive team and playing times and positions will be at the discretion of the manager. 

Player Selection:

Regular season managers will nominate players to be invited to an All Star tryout.  Selection will be made by the All Star manager after the tryout.  No player will be considered without filling out the All Star Interest and Commitment Form. 



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